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In line with local regulatory and BIS reporting standards

APRA & BIS Reporting Standards

Reg360 delivers a platform for automation, collaboration, validation & reconciliation and governance to efficiently meet all your APRA reporting requirements, now and in the future. 

Out-of-the-box reports for both the transitional APS 330 (effective 1 Jan 2023) and the new APS 330 (effective 1 Jan 2025) and any other changes introduced by APRA along the way.

APS 330


For any changes introduced by the regulator, Reg360 ensures that users have the latest templates, rules, concepts and enumerations built into the application. Our dedicated subject matters monitor the latest regulations for all our clients.


Reg360 supports both local regulatory versions as well as the Basel Committee's internationally agreed minimum requirements for public disclosure. 


Preventive and detective controls throughout the reporting process – controlled adjustments, validations, and approval. Full audit trail and central record of all activities throughout the reporting lifecycle. Create a 360 degree view for FAR accountable executives,

""Pillar 3 disclosures form one of the cornerstones of modern banking transparency, acting as a vital link between financial institutions and stakeholders' trust. With international alignment through the BCBS Pillar 3 reforms improving consistency and comparability, entities can embrace technology solutions that not only meet compliance needs but also drive operational excellence. Reg360 streamlines your Pillar 3 reporting process, embedding controls and collaboration to ensure both trust and efficiency."

Thomas Verlaet - Founder

Reg360 is recognized by
AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies in 2023
Here's Why:

Built-in regulatory taxonomy, validation rules, and report formats

Supports conversion of reports to any regulator-prescribed format (e.g. XML, XBRL, etc.)

Complete audit trail –  drilldown from returns to underlying business logic and data

Supports multiple report generation options – simple report upload function or report generation from data sets

Immediately view allocated reports with our intuitive mapping engine

Comprehensive analytics – get more from your data than just compliance

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