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Superannuation Funds, Administrators, Custodians


Reg360 delivers a platform for automation, collaboration, validation & reconciliation and governance to efficiently meet all your APRA reporting requirements, now and in the future. 

Be prepared for all aspect of APRA's Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) program with Reg360's complete suite of reporting tools and in-house subject matter expertise.

SDT PHASE 1, 2 & 3


Whether the update is for APRA Connect or D2A, Reg360 ensures that users have the latest templates, rules, concepts and enumerations. Our dedicated subject matters monitor the latest regulations for you.


Reg360 facilitates collaboration among different stakeholders involved in the reporting preparation process, including RSEs, Administrators, and Custodians, by leveraging its embedded collaboration and workflow tools.


Preventive and detective controls throughout the reporting process – controlled adjustments, validations, and approval. Full audit trail and central record of all activities throughout the reporting lifecycle. Create a 360 degree view for FAR accountable executives,

"APRA's Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) project is focused on simplifying comparisons between different funds and products. By improving data reporting, the project aims to enhance industry practices, particularly in the choice segment of the market, ultimately benefiting members. This heightened scrutiny sheds light on fund operations and performance. To efficiently meet the increased data requirements imposed by SDT and elevate controls for executives accountable under the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR), reporting entities need advanced technology beyond spreadsheets. Reg360, designed and developed in Australia, offers top-tier technology to support insurers, banks, and superannuation entities in meeting their regulatory requirements."

Thomas Verlaet - Founder


“This strategic project represents Equip Super's commitment to proactively address the regulatory requirements faced by our industry.”


“With the addition of Reg360 Software, we are strengthening our position in terms of our capability to meet our obligations more efficiently.”

Equip Super

Reg360 is recognized by
AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies in 2023
Here's Why:

Built-in regulatory taxonomy, validation rules, and report formats

Supports conversion of reports to any regulator-prescribed format (e.g. XML, XBRL, etc.)

Complete audit trail –  drilldown from returns to underlying business logic and data

Supports multiple report generation options – simple report upload function or report generation from data sets

Immediately view allocated reports with our intuitive mapping engine

Comprehensive analytics – get more from your data than just compliance

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